Life Lessons in Pottery Class

“Slowww doooown Candace!”  “That’s your problem you know, you’ve got to slow down”

Miss Sally (Pottery Teacher)

Apparently my fast paced A.D.D. personality type doesn’t fly when creating ceramic masterpieces 😉

Today Miss Sally showed us some new techniques. We’ve made larger bowls and vases, and today we tried our hands at cups and plates.

This is the cute little cup the teacher made.

The whole process starts out with a ball of clay that’s been “wedged” which is a nice way of saying slammed onto a table, until all the air bubbles are out.

And then you use “the force” to center your clay on the wheel. It looks easy but it actually takes some muscle!

After some work, and staying mindful of your speed, you get something that looks like this.

Pretty cool!

After class I had to shift gears a bit and try to tune out my recommended mantra for the day “slow down”. It’s honestly not the best thing to say to yourself when completing an 8 mile run!

Don’t forget to wear green tomorrow!


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