Changing for the better.

If you followed my last blog & your here reading this one, thank you for reading despite my indecisiveness.

I’ve decided to switch to a new domain because I don’t quite feel like inFITation really…fits anymore.

I started inFITation as a forum for connecting with other runners as I set out to become a runner myself.

Running and training for a marathon taught me a lot about myself. I certainly learned what it takes to be determined. I learned that I am physically capable of more than I ever thought I was. I learned a lot about myself during those long 3 hour training runs. And I learned that I have a great support system of family and friends that are constantly cheering me on no matter what challenge I decide to take on.

I also blogged about the trials and troubles of writing my Masters thesis. And as I am finally finishing the Grad School chapter of my life, I feel like now is the appropriate time for me to start over somewhere new.

So with that you have my new blog.

Here I intend to share my thoughts, my adventures and hopefully some progressing photography skills. Journaux d’une femme is more about my creative side – and less about my athletic side.

I hope you stick around.


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