art makes me happy.

I love food photography, but I’m not a foodie.

I certainly enjoy food, alot, but I think the title of foodie carries with it a knowledge of all things culinary that I lack.

Some of the first blogs I ever followed were photo food blogs. I’ve always loved the layouts and intricate set-ups that food photos and still life photography portray.

Now that I have the opportunity to dedicate myself to some creative projects I’d like to delve into photography & learn some skills to share here on the new blog.

This has been a common theme for me lately. I’ve been dreaming up hobbies or skills I’ve been wanting acquire over the past few years, like re-learning French or starting an etsy store. And to go even further with that idea I’ve been daydreaming about how much I would enjoy a getting job as a “visual merchandiser” for anthropologie. Considering there are no anthropologie stores in Hawaii, & I just earned a M.A. in Political Science  not Art or Design – I find it highly unlikely that particular scenario is in my future.

Needless to say I intend to use this blog as a creative outlet. A place for me to share those things that I love doing like art, book reviews, outdoor adventures and I hope to add photography to that list as well.


2 thoughts on “art makes me happy.

  1. Candace – I just read all the posts on your new blog and I love it! Great job, keep following your dreams. Clearly, Hawaii’s full in inspiration and “props” for your photography.

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