Long before I started decided to study Political Science I had a passion for the Arts. As far back as I can remember I took pride in showcasing my artistic achievements. Even as a young girl I recognized the value of art. So much so that my Aunt and my Mimi paid to have me attend classes for youth at Ringling School of Art & Design. I was voted most artistic by my senior class in high school & even convinced my counselor and the art teacher to let me have an independent study period to dedicate to my portfolio. But somewhere in the midst of teenage drama, I lost my direction. I applied & was accepted to Savannah College of Art & Design, and as much as I wanted to go there for college, it was out of state and too expensive.

For some reason I disregarded the idea of going to the closest art college, which was Ringling. I imagine it had something to do with it being so close to home & my wanting to spread my wings, but I ended up going to my local community college instead and getting a general Associates Degree with a focus on Fine Arts. Somewhere along the way in my community college years I took a Political Science course and I completely surprised myself with how well I did in class, and how engaged I was in the political process. This motivated me to continue on after community college eventually getting a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida.

I graduated in December of 2007.

At the beginning of a global recession.

Pretty much the worst time ever to graduate from college & expect to get hired.

So I did what seemed like the next logical step. I went back to UCF and worked towards earning my Masters in Political Science.

Much has happened in this 2007-2011 time span.

I graduated college. I fell in love. I got engaged. I got married. My husband got his commission in the USAF. We moved to Texas (not my favorite). We moved to Hawaii (Hawaii is lovely). And in about a month or so I’ll be graduating with an M.A. in Political Science.

And some how, after all this – I’m reminiscing over my passion for the Arts, for language, for culture, for design.


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