style legacy.

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do when visiting my Mimi (my Mama’s Mom), was to explore her seemingly endless shoe & jewelry collection.

I can vividly remember counting pairs of shoes (the total was usually around eighty-something) and anticipating the day that I’d be able to fit into a shoe size six. I’d be giddy if I could almost fit into a pair, thinking I was so close to being a glamorous grown-up like her.

Mimi has impeccable style.

Her & Papa got to experience American music history – first hand – and of course had the style to match.

She embraces trends & always looks so pulled together. It’s no wonder I was fascinated with her shoes & jewelry when I was younger.

Whenever I go shopping for accessories I tend to think of her.

What would Mimi wear?

At some point, before I went off to college, I acquired a vintage gold cuff of hers.

If I’m wearing gold jewelry, it’s likely that this cuff is included in my ensemble.

So today while I was on the hunt for new accessories, I of course had Mimi’s style in mind.

I bought this bold necklace from Express…

And then I found this great turquoise ring & patterned bangle (left) from Forever21.

I had Mimi’s timeless style in mind the whole time.


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