true colors.

To be blind is bad, but worse it is to have eyes and not to see.

– Helen Keller

One of the best parts of (learning) photography is my new found inspiration to see the world through a lens, constantly looking out for beautiful and intriguing things. I was talking to my Mimi on the phone this weekend and she coincidentally mentioned her wanting to take a digital photography class at the local botanical gardens. She loves film photography & thanks to her there are loads of perfectly posed photos of my sisters & I when we were younger. While we were talking she brought up the first photography class she ever took, noting how the instructor told them to make a tiny circle with their thumb & pointer in order to size up their surroundings for potential photo worthy scenes. Mimi said after that she was constantly walking around, holding the tiny make-shift lens up to her eye, always looking for something beautiful.

And I must admit, ever since deciding to learn photography myself I’ve adopted a greater appreciation of my surroundings. At first it started out as a simple desire to actually learn some of the photography basics. What is an aperture, an f-stop, how can I create a custom white balance. And after reading through the little camera manual, taking a few notes from youtube instructional videos I was thrilled to start to see my photos reflect my surroundings. Now of course, I want to delve into it more and more. I’m just in the rookie stages, I don’t even have a fancy lens yet. But aside from the particulars I am really enjoying my new found perspective. My mindset has shifted from passively taking in the routine to wanting to find something worthy of capturing everywhere I go – even in the fabric store.


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