different path.

The wise words of Tim Gunn – Make it Work.

Different paths. Endless what-ifs. What if I’d chosen to go to art school instead? What if I’d been more disciplined as an undergraduate? What if, what if, what if…

What good can come from thinking this way – we are where we are because it’s where we’re supposed to be at that moment. Life doesn’t always follow a traditional order and it’s the unexpected experiences, the unplanned, that sometimes points us in the right direction.

The economy has thrown us all for a loop, putting many of us on a path we never expected to go down. I of course didn’t plan to graduate college (twice) with the nations unemployment rate reaching record highs. But in working so hard at getting through school with perfect grades, thinking it would give me better control over my future, I learned things about myself. I learned that being a perfectionist can be paralyzing. Sometimes it is better to accept things the way they are and move on than linger on what you could have done to make things better, more efficient, more impressive. And I’ve also learned that I’m at my best when I’m working at something that touches my heart. Whether it’s a scholarly paper on a subject of injustice, or telling a story through something creative, I can be at peace with myself when I’m working with passion. So I’m going to try and Make it Work, start looking for ways to establish a career that might not have been what I initially planned for, and see where that path takes me.


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