tour of oahu. part II.

Bailey’s Antiques & Aloha shirts is advertised as the largest Aloha shirt supplier to the public in the world. Oddly enough I’d passed by Bailey’s thousands of times since moving to Oahu (it’s located right across the street from my local Safeway) and never knew of the treasures hiding inside.

The storefront is outdated & dilapidated, yet when you walk through the doors of Bailey’s, vintage Aloha shirts costing upwards of $5000 are displayed hanging from the ceiling.

Bailey’s is so well known that even Anthony Bourdain featured this shop on his tour of the island a few years ago, & he walked away with a vintage Aloha shirt that has since been reproduced & sold as a best seller for Bailey’s ever since Bourdain’s visit.

Since Don & I are both huge fans of Anthony Bourdain & No Reservations, he bought his very first Aloha shirt – the reproduction of Anthony Bourdain’s.

And then we saw the most expensive vintage jeans I’ve ever seen…hanging from the ceiling.

Scenic lookout on the windward side.

And this crazy girl with a death wish who probably had no idea how close she was to being swallowed by the ocean.

The Pali Lookout.


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