wardrobe overhaul.

In order to keep myself busy

(meaning preventing myself from longingly staring at my cell phone & re-checking my email every 5 minutes while waiting to hear back from job prospects)

I decided I needed a little wardrobe overhaul. They always say dress for the job you want, not the job you have and since I’m unemployed that would mean I might want to give up the tank tops & yoga pants for a more appropriate adult wardrobe.

Step # 1   Try on EVERYTHING. Yes EVERYTHING. Tees, tanks, slacks, jeans, skirts, blouses, shoes – you get the point. If it didn’t fit or was unflattering, it wasn’t staying in my closet. This also includes giving up stained or dingy tees and DIY projects gone awry, even pairs of designer jeans that I never wear but keep in my closet because of the label.

Step #2 Set aside separate piles for charity or selling on Ebay. My favorite part of cleaning out my closet is seeing what I can resell on Ebay. Not only is it rewarding to get extra cash, but it forces me to take good care of my clothes (dry cleaning when necessary) so they’re in sell-able condition when I’m done with them. My items are listed under candacegrace in case you’re interested!

Look at all those hangers! Which brings me to the next step…

Step # 3 Organization. Having a uniform hanger system makes a closet so accessible and reduces the look of clutter. Since I live in a tiny apartment I don’t have a walk-in, but I have two small hang-bar closets and a massive dresser. I decided to make one side of my newly organized closet dedicated to work appropriate clothes and shoes as well as dresses, and the adjoining closet with jeans, casual tops & going out tops and shoes. Fascinating – I know.

Eventually I’d like to have all wooden hangers – for now the budget allows a few plastic ones into the mix.

Shoes are organized on multi-purpose wooden crates.

And handbags and hats are stored above.

Step #4 Define your style.  Using Pinterest, I made a Work Wear file where I keep inspiring pictures of outfits & key pieces that will make a great professional but stylish work wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite looks:

J Crew – love the fun shoes.

The Chloe Conspiracy - great color combo.

Olivia Palermo - she always looks sophisticated and beautiful.


Step #5 Create a shopping list. Since I got rid of so many unflattering pieces I made a list of basics that need replacing.

Basics: pointy toe black heels, pointy tow flats, closed toed wedges, black slacks, brown slacks, colored cardigans, wide brown leather belt for cinching, and skinny leather belts in multiple colors.

I’d also like to work in some more creative pieces from anthropologie and Club Monaco.

But I suppose the most important step in overhauling my wardrobe with work appropriate pieces would be getting the job! So Please cross your fingers for me!


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