Lately I’ve been eating much more simply.

I’ve taken to unprocessed foods, mostly vegan (with the occasional sneaked in slice of perfectly aged Manchego) and I’ve never felt better.

After reading The End of Overeating by Dr.David Kessler, I was completely disgusted with the food industry so I decided to make some healthy changes. National Public Radio’s Fresh Air did a great interview with the author back in 2009 that you can listen to here, but I highly recommend reading the book in it’s entirety.

My individual protest to The Man of big food corporations.

Locally grown carrots from Whole Foods Kahala

Whole Foods organic demi baguette

I haven’t given up foods that I adore, like bread & vino, but instead I’ve moderated my intake, and decided that organic is the only way to go.

Roule Rouge organic red table wine with no sulfates added

Organic & local fresh veggies to roast for dinner

My body has responded to the changes by letting me fit into the oh so coveted “no stretch” jeans that I bought years ago when I worked at AG (because they were a good deal – and it didn’t matter that they didn’t fit) & some new found, much needed body confidence. The best part is that it hasn’t been difficult. I just feel like this is the way my body was meant to be fed, & I feel truly healthy.


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