shades of gray in film.

When I first wanted to start learning photography it was all about learning the DSLR. Often on the weekends Don & I will go out on what we nicknamed photo safari’s. Don uses a manual film camera & I use the DSLR, mostly because I like the instant feedback of knowing what kind of shot I’m getting. Soon after we’ll drop off the film at the camera shop, excitedly anticipating the outcome. Every time the photos develop I almost always prefer the film photo’s over the one’s I’d taken on the DSLR. So the last time we went out I tried my hand at film. I learned that I need to practice not relying on the auto-focus feature of the DSLR, but overall I love the look of these photographs. Many of them Don took, but there are a few I snapped that weren’t half bad.

The rest are some fun photos that reflect parts of our personalities. Last weekend we dined at this tiny little authentic Italian restaurant named Bene Pesce (great pizza by the way, thin & crispy just the way I like it), and thought was both hilarious and awesome that our waitress filled my wine glass to the rim. A little difficult to sip, sure, but I’m not one to complain about having too much wine.

And these are a few that reflect pastimes we both love: reading, writing, and making art.


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