pictoral objectives.

Unfortunately I let my fear of needles interfere with getting a free flu shot at work the other day. And wouldn’t you know, I’ve got the flu. On the bad side, I’m sick, I missed a day of work, I can’t go running, I can’t enjoy a glass of red and I missed out on getting to wear my perfectly thrifted Roaring 20’s flapper costume to the Flight Halloween Party. But on the bright side (there’s always a bright side, right?) being stuck inside with little to no energy has forced me to slow down my restless mind and sort of meditate on my personal priorities. Most of them have been creative – I even managed to work on a half started watercolor that’s been sitting on my desk for over a month. In addition I’ve had plenty of time to mindlessly wander through inspiring images that help to spark the creativity.

A random assortment, but my thoughts this weekend have felt more like brainstorming than anything focused.


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