Making plans:

  • gaining focus and intention,
  • finding a way to start my day with a sense of calm and purpose,
  • bringing confidence and grace into my daily actions,
  • harboring creative energy that results in positive motivation.

These are a few of the personal development qualities that I’ve been dwelling on today. Starting  a new career is an excellent jumping off point for self improvement and so I’ve spent some time scouring the interwebs for resources to help me target my intentions. Here are a few very inspirational sites that have helped me along the way.

The Daily Love – An amazing motivational blog with multiple contributors that focus on self discovery and improvement.

The Fluent Self – Their tagline says it all…“When you need some destuckification.”

Jessica Swift – This independent artist/illustrator is my go-to girl for inspiration. She’s developed a successful career in illustration and delivers her product with an amazing attitude.

White Hot Truth – A good place to go when you need a reality check. Self help in real terms, no wishy washy metaphysical jargon, author Danielle LaPorte dishes it out bluntly and focuses on self realization.

When I Grow Up Coach – this site conjures one of my favorite quotes “Not all who wander are lost” – J.R.R Tolkien. WIGU Coach, authored by Michelle Ward, offers endless resources for the unemployed and post-grad wanderers and has been a lifesaver for me during times of anxiety ridden job-seeking panic attacks.

A Beautiful Ripple Effect – Young cancer survivor Carolyn Rubenstein provides inspirational advice and well written insightful blog posts on authenticity and living your life true to yourself.

Gala Darling – Funky, alternative and someone you just want to be friends with, Gala’s blog focuses on Radical Self Love and her carousel column (which influenced the composition of this post) provides endless fun links and positive life resources. Her energy and vivacious attitude is contagious.

Make Under My Life – This link really should have been first on my list (but they aren’t really listed in order of importance). Jewelry designer and life and business coach Jess L.C. is not only a great designer, but she is such a positive example of a self starter woman who contributes sage advice to her readers on a daily basis. This blog was a light in the dark for me when I was struggling with unemployment, and as busy as this “make it happen woman” may be, she still finds time to respond to desperate reader emails (I know from experience).

Oprah – Ok, yeah I admitted it. I’m an Oprah follower. From the time I was in elementary school, coming home and being greeted by the insightful words and stories of Oprah served as an subconscious comfort. To this day, watching episode reruns on OWN brings me the comfort of chocolate chip cookies on a rainy day. The columns on Oprah’s website are thorough and well informed, and cover endless topics. Regardless of if you were an Oprah show fan or not – this site is too informative to pass up.

Zen Habits – This is Zen thing  is something I need to work on. I distinctly remember when I told my Mom I was moving to Hawaii. She commented on how it would, “help me find my Zen” since I’m always so focused on perfectionism. Well – she, like I, had an outsiders perspective of Hawaii – and Honolulu is more city life than I’d ever been exposed to in Florida . So living in Hawaii has essentially forced me to find my Zen place. And not because I’m perpetually lounging on the beach with a Mai Tai. For example, I must remember to”find my zen” while sitting in 2 hours of traffic when I’m really only 7 minutes away from my destination. Or when I’m confronted with how it feels to be a minority, because I’m not Hawaiian or Pacific Islander or etc. (but I’m saving this rant for later).

I digress…Zen Habits is a wonderful place to go when you’re seeking calm, which apparently I should visit right now 🙂

And with that I conclude my list of little helpers.


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