holiday card preview.

I spent my day off today working on some holiday illustrations. These are just the brainstorming sketchbook images. I don’t want to post the final color versions, because then it wouldn’t be a surprise to those who are receiving them, but I just couldn’t help buy share a little sneak peak of what I accomplished today.

I’m going to be sending the final versions to a printing press to make multiple copies on cardstock. If you aren’t immediate family & friends (i.e. I don’t have your mailing address) & you’d like me to send you a card, email me your info

I’m hoping to use this holiday illustration set as a trial run for my Etsy shop that I intend to open in the Spring. I’m going to be focusing on illustrations for custom invitations and stationary so please stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “holiday card preview.

  1. These look so cute! I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out! Keep me posted about the Etsy shop because I think that is such a great way to showcase your art! Every sentence in this comment ended with an !!!

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