happy thanksgiving volume 27.

27 years, 27 things I am eternally grateful for.

1. My wonderful, loving, kind, supportive parents.

Their constant, never failing love & dedication to my sisters & made us the ladies we are today.

2.  My sisters, & my beautiful, brilliant niece Olivia (who is the spitting image of her Mama).

3. Mimi & Papa, my second set of parents. The best Grandparents in the world, hands down.

4. My hardworking, handsome, intelligent, understanding, patient, loving husband.

5. My entire wonderful extended family & family-in law, that have supported & encouraged Don & I to pursue our goals.

6. My health.

7. This lovely piece of hard earned paper.

8. The fact that I am gainfully employed and I like my job.

9. The amazing reality that I get to live in Hawaii for 3 years of my life.

10. Adventure.

11. My passion for art.

12. The freedom to pursue new & exciting hobbies like film photography.

13. Our beautiful home.

14. Owning 2 cars (Jeeps) – a luxury in Hawaii.

15. Freedom to express my ideas.

16. The ability to openly pursue my dreams.

17. Extremely affordable art classes.

18. Patience.

19.  Blogs.

20. Pinterest.

21. Whole Foods “zone out in food lala land” trips.

22. A good bookstore.

23. A good coffeeshop.

24. A good Wine Bar.

25. A Good French restaurant.

26. A good Art Supply store.

27. A Good Life.



One thought on “happy thanksgiving volume 27.

  1. Mischelle Gray says:
    December 5, 2011 at 4:10 am How Beautiful !!! Love you soo… Much! I couldn’t agree more about all the wonderful people in our lives. We do have sooo… much to be thankful for every day! Thank you for exspressing it so beautifully! All parents just want their children to find happiness and peace. Big hugs!!!!!!!

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