over it.

someday soon i will learn to reward myself for my accomplishments, take pride in my abilities, and not beat myself up severely for life’s little hiccups. i work hard to create a life that looks flawless. the perfect weight, the perfect job, the perfect set of accomplishments for a 2o something married woman. although, i’m sure outsiders would advise that maybe in order to gain a little balance i need to let myself fully acknowledge that…

there is no perfect.

no matter how high my graduating g.p.a., how consistent my resume, how far i can run, how low i can get my jean size – those things will never matter unless i learn to be present and content in life’s current circumstances. i have so much to be thankful for, yet i spend most of my time ignoring the present forging forward to a future that, once there, i will surely be in the same state of mind – restless that i have not accomplished enough.

intentions and a purposeful future are what keep us going, but there are times where i’m sure it serves us better, to be present and content in the moment. forward momentum is perceived as positive direction, but if we’re always looking out the window we’re missing the party that’s happening in the living room.

i often regret getting so personal on my blog. i second guess advertising my most personal feelings. but sometimes, when i realize that there are probably countless others who share my feelings, i can let go of those apprehensions and just let it out.

so to all you fellow perfectionists out there, i think we should all realize that working hard & accomplishing goals doesn’t mean much if we don’t take a moment to acknowledge them.


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