document the times.

last night don & i watched page one, inside the new york times.

although i tend more towards sites like democracy now for independent media news, i’ve always been a fan of the New York Times for the history and integrity that this journalistic mainstay has delivered for well over a century.

which is why page one struck a nerve for me. as a blogger and an ardent follower of blogs, i rely on new media for so many creative aspects of my life. that being said – i don’t have a kindle, or an ipad, or any other new tablet device that allows for easy reading on these popular forms of new media. i actually prefer the tactile experience of reading a newspaper, of cutting, pasting and archiving the pages of a glossy magazine, and of turning the page of a real (displayable on a bookshelf) hardcover book.

page one is a documentary that articulates the effect that the economic crisis has had on one of the most consistent sources of credible journalism in the United States. it is startling and intriguing to witness an in-depth look at how quickly the release of new technology can affect something so consistent in American society.

that being said, i don’t really have an assertive stance on the issue – i think it’s a really interesting documentary that highlights the value of true journalism & it’s worth a watch.


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