lets blame it on the holiday’s, let’s blame it on my first month at a very demanding new job, let’s just not say i’ve forgotten about my blog or any of my artistic endeavors. i’ve just been caught up in the busiest (sometimes stressful) holiday season season like most of us.

to be honest i wasn’t prepared for the intensity of the holiday season.

the past few years have been crazy in their own special ways.

christmas 2009 = getting married & moving to texas.

christmas 2010 = moving across the pacific ocean to live in hawaii for 3 years.

christmas 2011 brings a new very busy not so flexible career, and preparations for Don’s upcoming (first for us as a married couple) deployment.

to say i’ve been a little distracted from my intentions is an understatement, but i’m finding peace in the small things.

here are a few little things that are bringing me happiness through the holidays:

our very first real christmas tree.

embracing our tiny christmas tree from past years, that my sister-in-law so thoughtfully made for us the year we got married.

chrsitmas cards from family that make us feel at home.

of all the charlie browns in the world, you’re the charlie browniest – my favorite christmas movie.


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