my first “first friday”

The first Friday of each month Honolulu’s Chinatown Arts district hosts a Gallery Walk, First Friday Honolulu.

I’d heard about this event & finally got the opportunity to check out all the amazing local artists and boutiques that downtown Honolulu has to offer.

The Human Imagination showcased artwork created by the 7th and 8th graders of Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School. The installation, titled “Value in the Role Model,”featured the students scratchboard art in which they created works that reflected who they identified as role models.

It was really interesting to see the wide variety of role models that the students chose. Although there were a lot of pop-stars there were an equal amount of historic figures, literary legends, philosophers and famous fine artists.

One of my favorite new shops that participates in First Friday’s is Roberta Oaks Hawaii, where the shop owner designs and showcases her original pieces.

Not only are her designs unique and wearable, but she also maintains eco-friendly business practices!

Last but not least (sadly I didn’t get any photo’s) Owens & Co. is an adorable lifestyle boutique that features Winter Park, FL based Rifle Stationary and awesome hard to find reads like paper editions of Anthology magazine and the coffee table book I have on my wishlist of The Selby.

First Friday’s Honolulu is a great way for these galleries, artists and local artisans and entrepreneurs to gain exposure while creating a sense of community that I thoroughly enjoyed and gained tons of inspiration from.




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