figuring it out.

the assumed object of existence is to gain experience, lead a satisfying life, and do so with unsurpassed passion and dedication. we aspire to ascend to the greatest heights of the mind and take full advantage of this consciousness as we see fit. knowledge gained is the starting point of our mental career, and we carry this wisdom with us until the day we die.

excerpt from February 2012 n133 of JUXTAPOZ magazine article authored by hannah stouffer

an announcement of sorts is due.

i haven’t blogged in a while. i flew back to florida for a few weeks to visit with my family, and since then i’ve been working out the details on pursuing a new career.

i have art brewing in my soul. art moves me, it motivates me, it keeps me in a positive place.

in 2011 i earned my M.A. in Political Science from The University of Central Florida. it wasn’t easy, but political science and social issues – much like the arts – motivate and complete me as a person.

in the past year or so, i’ve obsessively pursued opportunities to get a foot in the door at many organizations that are available to me here in hawaii. theses are the types of organizations where i imagined myself creating the ideal career that i’d envisioned when i embarked on my education in political science and international relations. due to the economy, or my resume, or even my status as a military wife, they haven’t panned out.

so after a string of non-degree related employment opportunities didn’t work out, i have decided to take matters into my own hands and embark on a career that embodies my artistic soul and my political/social intention to make an impact on the world in which i live.

although this is an amazing opportunity, it is not going to be easy. i have multiple journals with ideas and inspiration that are pulling me in so many directions.

my intention is to create art – in any medium – that communicates the social and political issues that beg for public exposure. i have a few clear ideas that i hope to share soon, but for now i am focusing on developing my skills through whatever imagery inspires me to put pencil to paper.

i would Sincerely appreciate your input on (political, social, cultural) ideas that you feel need a voice. 

i want nothing more than to take advantage of the special opportunity i have been given to communicate issues of importance to humanity.

it’s been a while since i’ve committed myself to the arts, so skill wise i feel a little rusty. but i’m taking classes and developing my craft in hopes of making my passion work.


3 thoughts on “figuring it out.

  1. Hmm, this is a good question. A lot of obvious things come to mind, but I think that perception or stereotypes need a voice since they are more abstract and ambiguous than obvious things like climate change. They also shape how we feel about ourselves and treat others.
    I am very happy for you, your courage, and passion for artistic expression.

  2. At my last job, I helped to organize a student trip to Honduras. At first, the students would help to build things but transitioned to a cultural exchange through art. Essentially, the students shared their culture through joint arts projects with the students. It also helped the village to learn more about their history, culture and past to preserve it. That’s sorta from where I got the idea above. I truly believe you can change the world through that type of transformative dialogue. Done rambling. 🙂

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