reporting on: random & bored

So at the risk of seeming vulnerable, here’s a look at my random Tuesday evening.

  • I detail cleaned the guest bathroom and got asphyxiated on Softscrub.
  • Went down to the pool & re-read the Culture Smart Guide to Cambodia.
  • Went to Down to Earth to get vitamins & dinner ingredients – but before I could get it in a really good “health food store zone out mode” I just so happen to hear that it was the magic hour in Honolulu, 3:30pm and I was parked on the street, which was soon to become a commuter lane, which meant my Jeep would soon be smashed or towed. So…I quickly purchased my vitamins & bolted out the door for Whole Foods Kahala where there is ample, no-tow parking. Thus I took my sweet time and bought some delicious black truffle infused goat cheese which just so happened to be the best decision of the day.
  • Watched Horrible Bosses (aka horrible movie) which I apparently and unknowingly added to my Netflix list. If you didn’t get the hint, I though it was pretty stupid. But I guess I  seem to disagree with the critics quite often. Par example…another recent experience attesting to movies I do not recommend… (but the critics did) I went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen because it was touted as a “charming” and “hilarious” independent film with lots of character. Let’s just say I walked out of the theater mid-movie because I was too cold in the theater and the movie really wasn’t worth the effort of getting a sweater from my car & going back inside.
  • Watched The Voice & concluded that my little sister Emily Jewell is way more talented than all of the contestants.
  • Stared at a map of Indochina for about an hour while researching flights between the Philippines and Cambodia….
  • Walked to The Face Shop which is an Asian cosmetic store – FYI I’m not Asian but I’d like to have the perfect skin of someone who is.
  • Took photos of the Ikea ottoman that I re-upholstered with vintage Hawaiian coffee bean bags.

  • And  so the rest of the night concludes with hoping to Skype with Don before I bore myself to sleep or run out out of convoluted snarky things to say…



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