things i do to keep myself from going stir crazy…

I really hope these next few weeks go by quickly. In an effort to prevent an endless “groundhog day effect” along with trying not to spend all my savings on wine, I’ve been striving to change things up a bit.

For instance I did a little art project and stenciled a camel onto a tee-shirt to wear to this weekend’s Yelp Uncaged at the Honolulu Zoo event. Animal attire is required, costume is suggested, but since I’ll be walking there I decided that I didn’t really want to draw any attention on the Ala Wai canal, thus a camel printed tee shirt would suffice. Plus, Don’s very favorite animal is a baby camel, so it makes me feel sentimental.

Other things I’ve been up to:

  • Compulsive cleaning. I swear my house has never been so spotless. Too bad Don isn’t here to witness it…
  • Changing my workout routine to evening runs which is really quite nice because the sun isn’t so heavy and there’s lots of good people watching.
  • Reading, and reading, and reading. At the moment I’m working on 3 different books. One semi-academic, one health focused and one fiction.
  • Trying to get a tan. Despite the fact that I live in Hawaii, I am sadly on the pasty side.
  • Travel prep.
  • Trying to tune back into my artistic self for a few minutes each day.

(ps: I promise I haven’t abandoned photography, but I just got instagram & am slightly addicted.)


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