pics from the past few days.

I started the day off with my favorite low-key workout video from Barre3. I cannot tell you how much I love this workout. It’s a good burn, but it leaves you with the peaceful feeling of a refreshing yoga session. It’s a great early morning workout. I only wish they had a studio in Hawaii although, they surprisingly have 4 studios in the Philippines, so maybe I’ll get the chance to stop by in my travels.

Aside from that I had a really weird travel check-up that ended in my doc recommending a session with physical therapy for a gait-analysis. How this has anything to do with me traveling is beyond me. But hey it gives me something to do this week, so I suppose that’s a small victory.

Otherwise, I have to admit that I have an instagram obsession. As I’ve previously mentioned I was lost in blackberry world for the longest time, and I just recently got an “ap worthy” smartphone. So I’m currently basking in all the new techy glory that the rest of the world has been experiencing for years now. Call me a ludite…I’ll blame Don for that (even though he’s the one that ultimately talked me into getting a smartphone – and gave me his free upgrade).

And so, a longwinded rant concludes with some of my recent instagram pics.

My favorite treat. I have to walk a few miles to get there, so it's totally justified 😉

Evil eye art.

The most delicious veggie sandwich - some nutrients to make up for the Yogurtland sugar load.

Beautiful honolulu sunset from my balcony.

The most precious fallen birdsnest. It brought tears to my eyes.

A Waikiki street violinist that Don & I love. he was playing "La Vie en Rose", the song my little sister sang at our wedding.



4 thoughts on “pics from the past few days.

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Barre 3: it has been on my hit list for awhile now. Instagram is awesome: I love looking at what people post and what I post reminds me of things.

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