Tarantulas…it’s whats for dinner.

Throughout Phnom Penh there are numerous social enterprise NGO’s that train locals to work in the service industry. Mith Samlanh (translation – “friends”) is one such organization. Specifically, Mith Samlanh offers street children of Cambodia an opportunity to develop skills that will enable them to work in various professions in the hospitality sector.

Last night a few friends and I visited Romedeng a restaurant that specializes in Khmer cuisine and offers a few out of the ordinary cultural dishes for adventurous patrons.

Despite my vegetarian diet, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in the excitement – so as you can see, I had fried tarantulas for dinner! When in Cambodia…


Bon Appetit!


6 thoughts on “Tarantulas…it’s whats for dinner.

    • Actually they weren’t bad! Crunchy and they were covered with lots of spices accompanied by a tasty dipping sauce. I don’t think I’d make a habit out of eating them, but it was certainly worth trying!

  1. Joel thinks you are ultral cool! He loves spiders, just not as a dinner choice! Much love, Aunt Carrie. Ps I think I will stick to strawberry jam!

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