Putting myself to the test.

I have a little over 3 weeks left in Cambodia, 25 days to be exact and today for the first time in this entire journey I logged on to Korean Air’s website, toying with the idea of finding an early flight.

In so many ways this is more difficult than I’d expected. Maybe I’m just not as tough as I thought I was. I’ve been here in Cambodia living pretty nitty-gritty for two months, and I can’t fight the feeling that my time is done here.

I just know that as bad as I want to ride my rickety bike back to the guesthouse this evening, pack my bags, and tuk-tuk it to Phnom Penh International – I’d be so disappointed in myself on the other side.

I’m currently distracting myself from those thoughts by looking through the photo’s I took while visiting Don in Manila over the past few days. It was so nice to see one another. We had a brief, but meaningful visit. We’re half way through this.

I just can’t wait for normal life (whatever that is) and for September.


3 thoughts on “Putting myself to the test.

  1. Hang in there; 25 days is not that many days, is it?! It’s funny how time flies when you don’t want it too, and sometimes when you want it to go faster, it doesn’t. I totally look up to you and admire all of the great things you have accomplished in the last while: marathon, finishing your thesis, and your adventure to Cambodia. I cannot imagine how tough it is to be away from your husband…

  2. I agree. Hang in there! I think you would indeed be disappointed if you didn’t, and I suspect the few days with Don added to your discontent right now. Sending up a prayer for you today. You are not alone. xo

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