the feeling of film.

Hands down, my favorite photographic medium is film. I feel that film can capture the emotion and feeling of a moment so much more so than digital photography. Maybe it’s just the nostalgic nature – the fact that it’s a rarity now – that makes it feel so special. No matter, it’s clearly an investment to shoot and develop film, and living on an island where all things have an inflated price makes this pastime even more costly. Recently Ritz Camera, my “developer of choice” went bankrupt and closed all it’s stores located in Hawaii. Developing film there was never cheap, but it was more cost efficient than the small photo specialty shops on island. The last batch of ilford black & white film (4 roles) cost me $76 to print! Somehow though I manage to convince myself that it’s worth the sacrifice because film is just so tangible. I think of how much I value the old photo’s that have documented my family history which are incredibly priceless.

No doubt digital photography creates infinite opportunities for sharing photo’s and artistic manipulation, but I truly believe no digital photo can re-create the feeling of film. That being said here are a few scanned shots taken over the past few months.

The following black and white photo’s were taken in Manila, Phillipines in June 2012 when I took a break from volunteering in Cambodia and flew to Manila to spend a weekend with Don.


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