keep on keeping on



I have a strong tendency to do things in extremes. My abrupt, and sometimes hasty decisions are usually a direct result of poor stress management. I’ve spent a lot of time and regret dwelling on past situations where I made a quick decision to bolt, rather than work through an uncomfortable situation. Presently I feel an insane amount of pressure to be perfect at something I’m struggling with. In the midst of discomfort I find myself making excuses and looking for the easy way out.

In stewing over my options I’ve somehow realized that my ability to see something through, even when it’s not ideal, is all about perspective.

If I take this temporary challenge and see it through till the end, I’ll give myself more freedom of choice and better opportunities on the other side. I’ll also take confidence in pushing through when my normal reaction is to avoid the uncomfortable.


4 thoughts on “keep on keeping on

    • Thank you -I’ve only got a year left in HI so if you’re on Oahu anytime soon we should catch up 🙂 It’s funny, you’ve seen more of the outer islands than I have living here!

      • We are in the process of making travel plans for May to visit Oahu so I’ll let you know the details when we do! We are also contemplating going to Siem Reap so your expertise would be appeciated!

  1. As I am reading your thoughts I can’t help but think of Soul Pancake,” Not Cool Robert Frost”! But Thank goodness for our ability to ponder the past & use it as a means to choose our future path. Love you so much! As always, a work in progress too. Mom XO

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