screenprinting phase I

Last week I started my first session of screen printing classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Our first assignment was to collect a set of 10 images from 3 different sources. The end result being a collage. I’m not really a fan of collages. I like the simplicity of clean lines and structured images. To me collages just seem messy and remind me of some of the journals I used to keep in high school. In order to avoid the “collage effect” I chose to scan in the silhouette of a few plants, a few black and white photographs, as well as a couple of patterns I found on the internet. I pre-scanned them all as line art before going to Kinko’s and copying them onto transparency paper. Here are a few of the scans that I’m looking forward to making prints with.

ch3ch4 ch5 ch6 ch8 pal

Tonight’s class I’ll be starting the actual process of transferring the images from the transparency film to paper – updates on the process soon to come!


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