honolulu streets and why i’m taking a facebook break.

I recently decided to go on a Facebook hiatus. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that all the news coverage on social media online footprints hasn’t been an influence, but more so this recent article from the NY Times titled How Not to Be Alone struck a chord.

I was born in 1984. All irony aside, I can clearly remember a time when waiting in the grocery line, sitting in traffic, simply being bored or having free time meant either daydreaming or coming up with something tangible, something not linked to the internet (or my digital persona) to do with myself. Even 10 years ago, the internet was a free time activity – not a 24/7 obsession.

When I made the move to reprieve myself from facebook I lost sleep over it. Seriously. I felt like my digital self had died a little bit and I was worried what my family and friends might think about my “anti-social” media decision.

After a day and a half of itching to go back, I feel confident about my decision for the following reasons:

1) The instinct to post about life cheapens the living in the moment. I can recall numerous times when I’ve missed out on being present due to coming up with a status update to share.

2) I miss the excitement of catching up with friends and being surprised by what’s going on in someone’s life – by having a real life conversation with depth and meaning rather than relying on the snippets I’ve seen through various status updates.

3) I am honestly bothered by how conceited people have become. The concept of “selfies” is beyond me. Why do people feel the need to take pictures of themselves on a daily basis? Are said selfie addicts afraid they are going to forget what they look like?

So that’s the crux of it.

I still appreciate the connectivity of social media and blogging, especially living so far from family for the past few years. But for now I just need a break from it all. I want to concentrate and focus on my goals without the instinct to get caught up in the comparison game. I might go back once I’ve gained momentum on some personal goals, or I may find that after a while, it’s not that hard to live with out it.


As for the photo’s. There’s a really cool creative district in between Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu called Kaka’ako. One of the visual features of these few blocks is the street art painted on the walls of abandoned property or the sides of warehouses. Most of the street art is done by a local group called Pow Wow Hawaii, and the local community supports what some may call graffiti as street art.








3 thoughts on “honolulu streets and why i’m taking a facebook break.

  1. Funny, I had to use my fb to leave you this??? Love your thoughts & agree totally. I always feel that I may offend someone because I don’t use my fb much & don’t seem to connect properly but really do enjoy phone conversations & visits more. Not a fan of texting as it always seems so impersonal to me & has sort of reduced our personal connection with each other. I know that it does at times serve a purpose. Love the pics & can’t wait to see these places in person! I feel like there won’t be enough time to take it all in! More than anything just so excited to see you! Miss you. XO

  2. Honolulu is such a strange mix of things and your photos captured that! We will have to venture downtown next time we are there. You have really taken different paths to find the citie’s different angles.
    As for the Facebook thing, a few friends of mine have done the same thing. When we were away in Asia for 3 months, I didn’t use FB and didn’t really miss it nor did I feel detached from the people I care about. I am trying to use Skype more and am more mindful about my FB posts, i.e not post things to justify following a different life path than those who openly criticize me about it. The comparison game is one that is difficult to avoid!

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