block printing.

Outside of screen printing class I’ve been experimenting with creating my own block prints.


I recently purchased a copy of Christine Schmidt’s Print Workshop which inspired me to make a few block prints of my own.


The first step was carving my own personal stamp – which ultimately resulted in scabbed knuckles…but it was worth it. I chose a feather pattern which I’m hoping to use as a logo for my soon to be etsy shop – where I’ll feature handmade textiles, prints, film photography and handmade ceramics…more on that later.

For now, here’s a preview of my potential store logo featured on card stock and product tabs.


Stay tuned for updates on when the etsy shop (guess my shop name and you get the first purchase free) goes live!


leaving on a sea plane.

Back in December Don & I went on an Island Seaplane Tour for our 3rd wedding anniversary. This “Mom & Pop” island tour company is run by a bush pilot named Pat Magie, along with his wife. The vintage Dehavilland Beaver set the scene, delivering a unique and timeless view of Oahu.

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On volunteering abroad.

I’ve yet to give due credit to the amazing international volunteer organization, UBELONG, which allowed me the opportunity to feel safe, secure and make a positive impact throughout my travels in Cambodia.

If you’re interested in my personal volunteering experience you can read more about it here, in an interview I did which was recently posted on UBELONG’s website.

In the interview I give a few insights on what it’s like to volunteer abroad, including commentary on the challenges and lessons that I learned while in Cambodia, and how volunteering there forever influenced my outlook on life and the opportunity we all have to make an positive impact.

These pictures were taken during a work trip to the province of Kampong Speu where my coworkers and I took a lunch-break at a Cambodian “resort” (i.e. grass huts and wild monkeys)!

A visit to my favorite place.

The city of Winter Park has got a hold on me.

Don proposed to me in this park & ever since it’s continued to carry some of my most cherished memories, including the most significant day of my life, my wedding day.

After Don proposed I made a mission out of finding us an apartment within walking distance of the proposal site. My search ended in 2009 when Don I fell in love with a tiny studio off Winter Park’s quaint brick road, New England Avenue.

I snapped the next few photo’s during our quick stay at the Park Plaza Hotel. I tried to capture the places that hold significance to me – like the Emily fountain, the Farmers Market building that housed our wedding reception, the rose garden featured in our wedding photos and the quaint little Wedding Chapel where we held our wedding. We also had the pleasure of attending the Annual Winter Park Art Festival – an unplanned but pleasant surprise.

Turning fall in Tennessee

Don & I just got back from a whirlwind trip back to the mainland where we spent 2 weeks visiting family. The first stop was Cookeville, Tennessee. We witnessed the turning of the leaves and all the comforts of fall.

Ralph’s Donuts was a must, recommended by Don’s Dad and little sister as the best spot in town for a sweet tooth.

Donuts fuel a day of exploring.


Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday – better yet I celebrated moving on from 27, a year that I might just deem as my most challenging year yet.

27 meant dealing with career issues (or lack there of), preparing for and experiencing Don’s first deployment, living and working in Cambodia, and fighting to overcome other more personal issues that I’ve refrained from sharing from the world in writing just yet.

But the nice thing about significant dates like birthdays, the changing of seasons, or the New Year is the hopeful prospect of turning a new leaf, putting the past behind you and moving on.

So that’s the plan for now. Tomorrow Don and I leave for the mainland to spend the next few weeks with friends and family, together, for the first time in two years.

So I’m hoping to start 28 off with a more grounded outlook, a better plan, and most importantly the intention of staying present in the moment. What better way to get started than to spend the day horseback-riding through a Hawaiian Ranch with my love and enjoying a peaceful sunset dinner.