screenprinting phase I

Last week I started my first session of screen printing classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Our first assignment was to collect a set of 10 images from 3 different sources. The end result being a collage. I’m not really a fan of collages. I like the simplicity of clean lines and structured images. To me collages just seem messy and remind me of some of the journals I used to keep in high school. In order to avoid the “collage effect” I chose to scan in the silhouette of a few plants, a few black and white photographs, as well as a couple of patterns I found on the internet. I pre-scanned them all as line art before going to Kinko’s and copying them onto transparency paper. Here are a few of the scans that I’m looking forward to making prints with.

ch3ch4 ch5 ch6 ch8 pal

Tonight’s class I’ll be starting the actual process of transferring the images from the transparency film to paper – updates on the process soon to come!


modern french.

One of the perks of living in my building is the mail-room library. It’s basically a space near the mailboxes where tenants can drop off old books and magazines for other tenants to take…for free! I’ve found some gems & one of my favorites is this 1964 ed. of Modern French by Dan Desberg and Lucette Rollet Kenan.

mf11Modern French is a vintage French Language textbook, but the images inside are stylish black and white photographs that I absolutely adore. There are also a few great hand drawn maps that I’m considering making prints of for wall art.

mfmapsHere are my favorites of the black and white photo’s – enjoy!

mf1 mf2 mf3 mf4 mf5 mf6 mf7 mf8 mf9

creativity is a process.

IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1354 Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting my new creative space organized. In the past I was so concerned with completing one idea that I lost momentum by getting stuck in perfecting one single project.

I’ve recently changed strategies by immediately creating what is on my mind and surrounding myself with sometimes imperfect, mostly incomplete, ideas. Lately that has meant lots of textiles and patterns. I’ve dug out the sewing machine and started working on creating unique, pillow covers and fabric designs on canvas.

I’m also looking forward to taking a few summer classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art including the Shibori & Indigo Dyeing, as well as Screen Printing. Also I’m anticipating my second round of Skillshare classes which begin next week, particularly Illustrator Brad Woodward‘s Learn the Ins and Outs of Illustrator and Designer John Contino‘s Illustration and Lettering.

I know that to truly be content I need to be constantly producing and focusing my creative energy. These classes are going to be a great starting point for committing to creativity.

living aloha.

filmWith limited time left living in Hawaii, I’m making it a mission to capture some of my favorite aspects of the islands. I’m hoping to create a collection of film photos that not only feature the beauty of Pacific living, but also detail the charm of the not so modern 60’s era architecture and signage.


The location of these photo’s encompass the Diamond Head and Ala Wai Canal. I frequently run along this route and I’m certain that I’ll look at these scene’s with fond memories once we move on to somewhere new.





From Alabama to Hawaii, Sapling Sculptures.

September 09 007About 4ish years ago Don was working in Montgomery Alabama for an extended amount of time. When I left home to go visit him, we went on an excursion to the Montgomery Museum of Art, which just so happened to be featuring Patrick Dougherty’s “Sapling Sculptures”.

Back in 2009, when we’d first witnessed the exhibition, I’d taken it in as a beautiful natural work of art – yet didn’t research it any further.

Come to find out that nearly 3 years later I’d come across another set of Sapling Sculptures at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

The sculptures aren’t permanent, and their final days of exhibit in Honolulu were March 3rd, but luckily Don & I were able to snap a few quick photo’s to add to our album of travels before they were cut down.

011026 021 And to add to the “it’s a small world” perspective – in doing a little bit of research for this post, I found out Dougherty recently sculpted an exhibit in my hometown of Sarasota, Florida at the Sararsota Museum of Art.

keep on keeping on



I have a strong tendency to do things in extremes. My abrupt, and sometimes hasty decisions are usually a direct result of poor stress management. I’ve spent a lot of time and regret dwelling on past situations where I made a quick decision to bolt, rather than work through an uncomfortable situation. Presently I feel an insane amount of pressure to be perfect at something I’m struggling with. In the midst of discomfort I find myself making excuses and looking for the easy way out.

In stewing over my options I’ve somehow realized that my ability to see something through, even when it’s not ideal, is all about perspective.

If I take this temporary challenge and see it through till the end, I’ll give myself more freedom of choice and better opportunities on the other side. I’ll also take confidence in pushing through when my normal reaction is to avoid the uncomfortable.