block printing.

Outside of screen printing class I’ve been experimenting with creating my own block prints.


I recently purchased a copy of Christine Schmidt’s Print Workshop which inspired me to make a few block prints of my own.


The first step was carving my own personal stamp – which ultimately resulted in scabbed knuckles…but it was worth it. I chose a feather pattern which I’m hoping to use as a logo for my soon to be etsy shop – where I’ll feature handmade textiles, prints, film photography and handmade ceramics…more on that later.

For now, here’s a preview of my potential store logo featured on card stock and product tabs.


Stay tuned for updates on when the etsy shop (guess my shop name and you get the first purchase free) goes live!


what’s in the bag?

There’s something so special about buying new art supplies. Especially when they come wrapped up in a plain paper bag & they were purchased from your new favorite little out of the way, mom & pop art supply store.

I found Hawaiian Graphics a few weeks ago while searching for a place to buy watercolor paper. As I walked in the door of the small two-story building, only a few blocks away from my apartment, I was thrilled to see aisles of high-quality art supplies, and the nicest staff who went out of their way to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Of course the first time I visited the store I walked away with a little more than some watercolor paper. I couldn’t leave without a set of Grumbacher Opaque Watercolors…and some new brushes, and a whole pad of taped watercolor paper…

A similar scenario ensued today when I went in for a single illustration pen & walked out with a little paper bag filled with goodies, plus a membership card to my new favorite art supply store. But this is all part of the plan. Instead of my desk being cluttered with scholarly journal articles and marked up thesis drafts, its now filled with art supplies and drafts of pretty ink & watercolor illustrations.

My plan for this limbo period between the conclusion of grad school & finding my ideal International Relations job, is to start an Etsy store to sell some of my art. I’m just in the planning stages. I’m going to go to my Mother in law for Etsy store advice since she runs The Whimsical Studio, a successful Etsy store that specializes in a wide variety of aprons & handmade accessories.

I’ll be sure to announce when my store is up & running. I’m feeling really inspired lately so I can’t wait to share what I come up with.