the most beautiful song…

…and it’s written by my little sister – in 10 min.

click on – The Good Things



She needs to move to Nashville.

I think I might put together a Kickstarter to help her get on her way.


A visit to my favorite place.

The city of Winter Park has got a hold on me.

Don proposed to me in this park & ever since it’s continued to carry some of my most cherished memories, including the most significant day of my life, my wedding day.

After Don proposed I made a mission out of finding us an apartment within walking distance of the proposal site. My search ended in 2009 when Don I fell in love with a tiny studio off Winter Park’s quaint brick road, New England Avenue.

I snapped the next few photo’s during our quick stay at the Park Plaza Hotel. I tried to capture the places that hold significance to me – like the Emily fountain, the Farmers Market building that housed our wedding reception, the rose garden featured in our wedding photos and the quaint little Wedding Chapel where we held our wedding. We also had the pleasure of attending the Annual Winter Park Art Festival – an unplanned but pleasant surprise.